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Travelling Methods You Should Be Experiencing From Around The World

So buy your scooter today and experience the above benefits yourself! Visiting different countries to be a part of their cultures and learn more about them is certainly an interesting experience for any traveler. While there is a lot to see and do in terms of the practices followed, cuisines made and dresses worn, there is also another interesting aspect called travelling. The modes of travelling are different from country to country, and as a traveler you should be experiencing all of them! So here are some such methods of traveling used in different parts of the world, that you should know of.Matatu

If you ever visit Kenya you should know that you’ll most likely never find an electric mountain bike or hoverboard to get you from place to place. Instead you would find something called a ‘Matatu’. It is a minivan that goes from one place to another across different parts in the country. You basically don’t really know where it may stop and whether it would stop at where you want, but you can certainly hope it does if you shout out loud that you want to get off. You should also know that these probably whizz pass the streets, so you are most likely to get in to one filled with locals clothed in colorful clothes and all hanging in there for their dear lives (just kidding, they are probably used to it!). It might not be the safest way to travel in the city but it is certainly one that is the most memorable for sure!

Tuks in Asia

If you ever visit Asia you should know that leaving there without taking a tuk ride is like eating bland meal with no flavoring! Tuk rides are probably the highlights of Asia and are very common in the South Asian region in countries like India and Sri Lanka. While you probably might find ebikes here, it can never be compared to a thrilling ride in a tuk. So don’t ever miss out on this! Looking for an affordable ebikes you can visit this page in such best results.

Long tail boats

In Thailand if you want to get from one place to another in rural areas or in cities to tourist centers, long tail boats are commonly used. These are actually old boats that have car engines at the back and propellers at the bottom. They are also know to produce a lot of noise but are the most convenient transporting mode in rivers, canals and other waters.

Cable cars

In Bolivia cable cars are like the most popular mode of public transport. It is now not only limited to the skiing areas of Europe, but being used in this country to take people to the places they want to go by skipping out on all that street traffic at the bottom. It is also not only the most convenient but has an amazing view for you to enjoy too, while you travel!

So if you ever make plans to visit these countries make sure that you experience these modes of transport yourself!