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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 10

While opportunity and talent rule the fantasy football world, matchups rank close second in terms of importance.

Just consider Thursday evening. D’Onta Foreman, a running back for the Carolina Panthers, ran riot against the weak Atlanta Falcons for the second time in three weeks, racking up 248 rushing yards and four touchdowns in two games. But, in the subsequent week, the more tenacious Cincinnati Bengals held him to only 21 scrimmage yards and 0 TDs on 9 touches.

Let’s analyze the Week 10 NFL schedule with rankings and the best matchup at each of the four offensive positions while keeping skill and matchups in mind.

Although it would appear like Fields’ fantasy hype train has reached its maximum speed in recent weeks, this Sunday might put it into overdrive.

His rushing abilities have been weaponized by Chicago, and he has excelled. He has 49 carries for 408 yards and three touchdowns in his previous four games. There are highlighted backs who fall short in comparison. Fields has also accumulated 643 throwing yards and seven more touchdowns.

This Sunday, when he faces the Detroit defense that, according to Yahoo, allows the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks, he might cause even more harm.

Projected numbers: 117 running yards and one score, 121 throwing yards and two scores.

There have been many wonderful moments in Barkley’s ascent back to the top of the running back rankings, but this one might be the most impressive.

It is insufficient to claim that the Texans have the weakest rush defense in football. Unfathomably, Houston has given up 180.6 running yards per game. Detroit’s run defense, which is the second-most tolerant, has let up 148.8. The difference between those teams (31.8 yards per game) is more than the difference between the Lions, who are rated 31st, and the Miami Dolphins, who are ranked 14.

Numbers from video games fall short of capturing what Barkley was capable of in this match.

132 running yards, 38 receiving yards, and two touchdowns are anticipated figures.

The great start to Olave’s career may be the biggest exception to the Saints’ generally dismal season.

In his debut NFL game, he caught all three passes that were thrown his way, and it appears that this earned him the right to all future targets that he can handle. He has 43 catches for 618 yards and two scores out of his 72 targets, which ranks 12th in the league.

Those touchdown catches would be wonderful to accumulate, and this matchup may make it happen. The Steelers have equaled the Chiefs for the most touchdown passes allowed (17 in 8 games), and they have also given up the most fantasy points to wide outs.

Nine receptions for 121 yards and two touchdowns are anticipated.

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